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Owl Moon Healing offers a truly essential service, providing a sacred sanctuary in Lockport. The ambiance exudes a profound sense of healing, and the energy within is truly transformative. The studio's atmosphere is carefully designed to restore and rejuvenate, catering to individuals like myself who are particularly sensitive to sensory stimuli.
Laura, the guiding force behind Owl Moon Healing, possesses an exceptional calming energy. Her ability to hold space is truly remarkable, and her intuitive approach is extraordinary. 


Attended the Intro to Shamanism and Meet your spirit animal session. It was such an insightful and informative experience. Laura is wonderful at guiding everyone. Her calming presence is welcoming and yes, I did meet my spirit animal!! One of the best experiences I have had. Thank you, Laura!


My reading couldn't have been more spot on. I've felt like I'm on the verge of some sort of shift for a while now and it's really awesome to hear it reflected in the cards!



I loved my reading! It was right on. I usually do my own readings but it's nice to have someone else do it every once in a while. Thank you.


Laura's reading was spot on with what I'm currently going through and helped give me more clarity and direction on what my next steps should be. Thankful for the guidance and reassurance for the exciting path ahead!


Oh wow! My reading was dead on. I've never had a reading done and am just learning but I can't wait to learn more! Thank you so much.


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