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On Healing

It's always said that healing is not linear. Healing is more like a wave - rising to immeasurable highs and dark-pit lows. We're "lucky" for those few moments, days, weeks, when life hovers right in the middle. It's a safe zone, it feels comfortable.

The thing with healing, though, is that we think it usually only occurs when things are UNcomfortable. Discomfort isn't always bad, healing doesn't only happen when we're slogging through the mud. Healing can come in the form of being able to laugh in a situation you previously would fly off the handle at. It can show up when you realize you've been happy for weeks and don't think you'll jinx yourself out of happiness by thinking one bad thought. Healing can happen when you are present, in the moment, even for five minutes - when you see chores as rituals instead of just another thing you have to do each day, when you acknowledge that you and your partner communicated successfully about where to eat for dinner, when you just sit with yourself, quiet and observant of your inner world.

We're all working towards more healed versions of ourselves consciously or unconsciously - some of us are just much more aware of those shifts as they're happening. Us "sensitive types", empaths, energy workers, the quiet ones, the witches, the weirdos, the ones who want to make true and active upwards movement before our souls leave our bodies and find another to inhabit.

We're the ones who can help others to heal, as we continue to heal ourselves. Others will fight us, they'll tell us there's nothing wrong with them, they'll push us away and deny our "hippie woo-woo" ideals. Big shifts are on the horizon, though - ask any astrologer, spiritual mystic, or energy worker. Right now is the time to start healing. Not tomorrow, not next month, right now. Because the journey of healing never ends. The lifelong student in me LOVES this notion. Education for LIFE? Growth forEVER? Sign me the fuck up.

The sooner you start to heal yourself, the sooner those around you will see you change and shift upwards, and will want that for themselves. That's how we incite healing in others, even the stubborn ones. Some of us will continue to climb so far up that we become teachers and masters ourselves, so we can continue to educate anyone and everyone who needs a hand to hold through their healing.

I had two profound Shamanic journeys today with my teacher and mentor, which led me to write this post today. I hope you find some wisdom here that resonates with you, and if you haven't started your journey to healing yet, here's the sign you've been looking for to get started today. Right now. Take five minutes to sit with yourself, in silence. Take three deep breaths and start to feel yourself shift with each exhale. Healing is not always grand-scale. Little wins make for big victories over time. You're worth it.


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